Early Days

Bloody Mess

Last Wednesday was a bad day. I was emotionally sensitive from it being that time of the month. Work was going especially stressfully. And then I got the call. The one from the barn owner saying my horse was hurt and I needed to get out there ASAP, he might need stitches.

I left the office and drove the painfully long 40 minutes to the barn while trying to stay calm. Hemie somehow punctured himself while in turnout, and it was definitely a bleeder. On the fore right pastern exterior. Blood was pouring and caked all over his hoof, with white mucus draped on the dried blood (platelets? ooze?). Eeek.

Cold hosing didn’t seem to help. I tried to clean the area but it bubbled over and bleed even more ferociously. We wrapped it up in a huge chunk of cotton and bandage for an hour and that did the trick. It stopped bleeding. I could then clean around the area to see the actual puncture. Not a large or deep cut, luckily, and probably not a candidate for stitches. I cleaned all around it then it started bleeding again so we wrapped again. Ugh.

Poor pony has been on stall rest. He was getting hand walked, then we tried a little longe on Sunday. Unfortunately that caused bleeding again so we’re back to stall rest. Poor guy is feeling spunky but he’s a lovely, sweet patient. It doesn’t seem to bother him and he’s not lame.

In the meantime I’m working on his mane and keeping him groomed to a T.

Oh horses.

11 comments on “Bloody Mess

  1. Oh ponies. Such a stressful call to get! At least it was an inexpensive fix!


  2. Never a dull moment with horses! Hope Hemie gets better soon :-)


  3. Legs. They are the worst. Imagine how easy it would be to maintain a healthy horse without them! No more lameness, no more farrier, no more cuts and scrapes … but then no galloping or jumping either. Very deep sigh … Sorry, Sarah. I am sending healing wishes to your sweet boy. Heal well and quickly, Hemie.


  4. Aye!!! Not a fun call! Hope he heals up quickly!


  5. Yikes, those calls are never good! Hope he heals quickly.


  6. Seriously! Could have been much worse (and expensive)…but no kidding I've spent over $100 on first aid stuff since we quickly depleted my vet wrap, gauze, etc. Need to have much more on hand than I had!


  7. Agreed, and thanks!


  8. Yes, so true, but as my trainer says “it's a long way from the heart!” Thanks =]


  9. Yes, thank goodness my horse was pretty chill about it, or we'd have both been freaking out!


  10. Thanks – I hope so too!


  11. We have a horse at our barn that punctured his stifle joint while here on trial. No one could figure out where or how it happened. Horses have an amazing knack of hurting themselves without explanation!


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