Early Days

Famous Ears

Pretty nifty when you’re browsing through good ol’ Horse Nation and go “hey…I recognize those ears…and those ones too!”

Carly and Bobby

Aimee and Cuna


I have to say, my favorite ear photo from the post is this cute one of “Remi” submitted by Rachel:

What a cutie!!

9 comments on “Famous Ears

  1. I saw you guys and was all, “OMG I KNOW THEM!!!” At least I'm not the only nerd who always enters picture contests. ;)


  2. That last pic is so cute!


  3. I love seeing fellow bloggers all over the internet!


  4. Nerdiness loves company! =)


  5. Yeah what a great expression!


  6. They've got funny stuff at HN all the time.


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