Early Days

XC Schooling (with video!!)

Last weekend we went up to the beautiful Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez for our first cross country schooling at a horse trials facility (up to this point we’ve only schooled at the local, smaller courses). Hubby very kindly came along and videod our adventures.

Funny how when you’re riding cross country you feel like a badass pro going mach-9. The rush of the wind, the squeak of the safety vests.

Then you watch the video and it’s more like a hunter round. Doing-de-doing-de-doing. Haha.

9 comments on “XC Schooling (with video!!)

  1. That is SO true. I did a gymkhana and I felt like we looked bad ass and were going fast, and looking at the video I was definitely surprised by how not fast we looked haha


  2. Wow!! You guys have come so far together. I LOVE watching you canter up to those fences on a loose rein and trusting him to do his job. AWESOME progress. :D


  3. Nothing wrong with a relaxed canter, especially when you're jumping some legit fences! You guys are looking so good together!


  4. Yahoo!!! Great job! Looks like you had a blast and he was enjoying it too!

    btw that course is beautiful!!!


  5. Doing cross country like a hunter is a perfectly good thing! Awesome :)


  6. Its all perception with riding, things that feel huge to jump look tiny to my non-horsey hubby. You guys look great,you make CC look easy!


  7. Wow! Sarah, that looked like so much fun!


  8. He looks awesome! Hope Alex gets there someday ;-)


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