Early Days

More jump video

A huge thank you to Karen from Bakersfield Dressage for the video!

This is from a casual practice ride while Karen was visiting for the Dr. Christian Schacht clinic late June.

Videos are so good because they really do show us what we need to work on. Note to self: get a handle on the lower leg situation! And stop holding him back so much, sheesh!

16 comments on “More jump video

  1. He's such a cute jumper!


  2. You guys look really good


  3. looks like he loves jumping :)


  4. He's a REALLY cute jumper!


  5. You guys rock! Looks like you were having a ton of fun!

    On the lower leg do you practice your 2 point often? I have found that that helped me a lot. Either way you look great and like you're both having a blast.


  6. What a cutie…I suggest shorter stirrups…will help the leg and your base.


  7. Thank you!


  8. Thank you very much!


  9. I am very happy that he does. Jumping a horse that doesn't like to do it is on my list of things to avoid.


  10. Thank you!!


  11. Great idea on the 2 point – I'll have to do more work on that. Pretty much at this point I'm just trying to be more mindful of a secure lower leg in a general sense.


  12. Good idea I'll try playing with stirrup length. Thanks!


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