Early Days

Fashion advice needed!

To sparkle, or not to sparkle, that is the question.

These are our 2 browband options for our dressage bridle for our upcoming horse trials. Thoughts?

Option 1 – Silver Bead & Sparkly Browband

Option 2 – Our Normal Browband

16 comments on “Fashion advice needed!

  1. I'm always pro sparkle.


  2. I always go simple and classic – I'm sefinitely not a sparkle fan. However, the sparkly browband looks very good on him.


  3. Sparklyyyyyy!! Bring a little sauciness the the boring dressage ring


  4. Teehee, there is no such thing as too much bling :) Definitely sparkle!


  5. I'm personally anti sparkle but it works for some pairs. I just am not one of those people. :) I'm sure you guys will be turned out to the nines regardless of brown and choice! You'll rock whatever!


  6. Ohhhhh I like both!! Hmmmm I can't pick!!


  7. Bling bling! Either way actually looks great, I am just attracted to shinny objects ;)


  8. Unless you're dead confident that his head will be steady in the bridle and not tilted at all, go with the plain browband. The sparkles will highlight any errors or inconsistencies.


  9. I believe in Sparkle Motion!


  10. I am very conservative in my dressage tack and clothing, but it's simply because I don't have the confidence to pull off blingy tack. I'm always worried that the judge will think we're an over-dressed pair of idiots if I go with bling but ride like crap. That being said, the first browband looked spectacular on Hemie, while the other looked quietly conservative and always appropriate. I'd say go with whatever your confidence level can handle. One day I'll feel brave enough to do a sparkly browband because I know Speedy would look GREAT with some bling. He can carry it off with no problem. :0)


  11. I think it needs a bit of sparkle but then I'm hugely pro sparkle and bling


  12. sparkle. live a little.


  13. I like the sparkle, but I usually go conservative. Maybe when Alex gets further along, I'll have the confidence to go bling :-)


  14. Yes to the sparkle. It adds a nice finishing touch :)


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