Early Days

Human Nutrition

My 21 day elimination challenge concluded this past weekend. Theoretically I’m to start adding back some of the eliminated foods to see how my body responds, but I’m putting that on hold for now pending further conversations with my health coach.

I came to realize that the diet has been causing me to have “brain-fog” — word-fumbly, disorganized, forgetful, and a little lost. I’m doing some research and will be playing with increased carbs (fruits & high-carb veggies) and/or increased fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts) to see if that helps. 
As to weight loss (my goal) the scale is moving downwards but not as fast as either my health coach or I thought it would. So I’m meditating on that, balancing patience (eww) against increasing exercise (eww).
The most challenging part of the challenge is cooking. All of my go-to recipes were thrown out, and with them went my pitiful amount of kitchen confidence. I’ve been trying lots of new things, but to be honest they haven’t been working out great. Several flops, zero slam dunks. Just gotta keep on trying though. 
Time out for a mini rant.
I’ve decided that the 3 most frustrating words are: don’t get frustrated. People tend to say this to you when you are already frustrated, and in that moment it feels patronizing and unhelpful. Instead of saying what I shouldn’t feel, tell me what I should focus on to move forward in a more positive direction. Something like: focus on your strengths, or, plan your next move. Something constructive.
End of mini rant.

On a more positive note, we signed up for the Abundant Harvest weekly delivery of organic, local fruits and vegetables. I’ am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. We’re getting great value considering quality and quantity of produce. Plus, the home delivery cuts down on grocery store shopping, so I’m saving time too!

4 comments on “Human Nutrition

  1. Yes to that 2nd to last paragraph for me.


  2. I feel ya. “dont get frustrated” is not helpful. Especially when you're bordering total defeat. The weekly delivery sounds cool. I need to investigate something like that in my area.


  3. I completely agree with your mini rant, in my house the only one that doesn't say 'don't get frustrated' or 'don't get mad' is my mum instead she tends to tell me to focus on my positives and the things I can do not can't do!


  4. weekly fruit delivery would be awesome! A lot of my co-workers have gone to the Paleo diet, can't say im impressed with their weight loss, but it does seem a healthier way to eat. They have shown me LOTS of flops so hang in there, cooking with restrictions is hard. Personally haven't had that kind of willpower yet, I am willing to exercise more to counter naughty food.


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