Early Days

He’s a *real* pleasure horse now!

Sometimes you have those special milestones or goals that you don’t realize you had until you reach them.

Last night I was able to ride Hemie bareback, outside of an arena, all around the property. I am just tickled pink that we are finally able to do that, I’ve still got a goofy grin on my face from it.

I’ve decided that being able to ride bareback outside of the confines of an arena is my personal definition of a true pleasure horse. While the rider needs to have balance, the horse has a big job – he needs to understand that his speed, self-carriage, and overall awareness is different when the rider has no saddle. And he needs to know that he can’t get spook-tastic – he needs to look out for his rider.

We’ve been working on bareback riding maybe once every month or so. Let’s just say it did not come naturally to Hemie. But he’s a trooper and I’m proud of of our progress.

I give us a gold star.

8 comments on “He’s a *real* pleasure horse now!

  1. Can't imagine wanting to ride either of my guys bareback. ;) I've done it on Cuna and well, I felt it later. Ouch.


  2. Woohoo! It took me a while to feel confident enough to ride Speedy bareback, although since he was only a three year old when I bought him I think I made a wise choice to wait awhile. I still haven't ever popped up on Sydney bareback. I think he could handle it for a few minutes in the arena, but you're right. OUTSIDE of the arena is a whole different thing! :0)


  3. Gold star worthy for sure!!!


  4. That's awesome!


  5. Awesome! I think it will be a while till I can do that with Alex ;-)


  6. Just read this, it's great, well done!


  7. I'm new to your blog so, hello! Haha! I ride Western and right now I'm attempting to turn my former bronco/western pleasure/lesson horse into a first class WP or RP horse, but my main love is the simple, easy going rides. There's nothing like hopping on your horse and not worrying about looking perfect or following your trainers orders. :) Plus, how fun is bareback riding??


  8. Thank you and welcome! Can't wait to explore your blog! =)


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