Early Days

Friday Funny

Seeing this at the grocery or pet store always makes me chuckle. 

And we think horse stuff is overpriced.

Maybe one day I’ll leave a note… “Go to a feed store – they sell massive bags of shavings or entire bales of hay for much better value!”

5 comments on “Friday Funny

  1. My friend who owns, no joke 3 Guinea Pigs and 7 chinchillas buys all her stuff from the feed store after she realized how much cheaper it is.


  2. Such a joke! I buy my bunny a giant bag of “horse shavings” for $6 at TSC.


  3. I've often thought the same thing!


  4. lol poor people who don't know about the feed store!


  5. Yep! When I had hamsters in my classroom, I bought my bedding at the feed store. It lasted forever of course, but it was worth it! :0)


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