Early Days

Ribbon Recycling

I love the idea of being craftsy. I love the idea of repurposing/reusing things in general.  
Most importantly, I love exposing my horse to looky-loo things that I expect he might oogle at the upcoming show: the flappy cross country flags at Shepherd Ranch. 
So, some red and white ribbons to the rescue.
Red on right, white on left, cute ears in the middle!

3 comments on “Ribbon Recycling

  1. Good idea, and good practice for the rider. :0)


  2. Great idea!! The *only* think my horse has spooked at so far-in my care-is a piece of yellow tape on electrical fencing. :P So, this would be great for him. Lol!!! He doesn't spook at the HUGE snake on the trails, the horse that bucked AT him-with me on his back, geeze-or even the crazy birds around the farm, but he freaks at that. :P


  3. Smart!!! Also way to be prepared!! :)


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