Early Days

In summary…

Our first official horse trials was definitely a trial. Some things went better than I had expected. Some things went worse. Way worse.

I’m too emotionally and physically exhausted to give the full rundown right now. In summary, it was ugly but we got  it done. We did not get eliminated and completed all 3 phases with a score. In fact we even brought home a brown ribbon for eighth (last) place. So technically we achieved my goal for the year. As to my goal for the event for both Hemie and I to have fun…well I keep going back and forth on whether I think it was achieved. And for a goal like that, if you have to think about the answer, then that means that answer is no.

On more uplifting news, check out Slow and Steady Wins the Race for a contest. Congrats to Amy for 100 followers!

8 comments on “In summary…

  1. Congrats!!!

    I feel like the “fun” factor often increases with a few days/weeks to calm down/digest. I know that whenever I've ventured into a new discipline (or new horse) or a new division my stress level shoots through the roof for the first few outings. I think finishing on a score is a HUGE accomplishment. I assure you Prair and I would have a letter for SURE if we attempted a horse trial.


  2. I agree with Gingham; sometimes you don't realize you had fun until a few days have gone by. :0)

    In any case, I feel your pain, Sarah, I really do. It is very hard to experience only incremental progress. I don't know what went wrong, but OBVIOUSLY, something went right if you finished each phase with a score. Take that accomplishment and run with it. I am looking forward to hearing about the show and I am guessing we might even get to see some photos. Rest up, smile about what went right, and hug Hemie. He doesn't know what your goals are, but he loves you anyway. :0)


  3. The thought of showing alone gives me palpitations. I think making through the whole event and not being eliminated is HUGE! I think you will find more good memories once all the initial stress wears off.


  4. Congrats, finishing is a big deal! Pat yourself on the back :-)


  5. Finishing with a number and not a letter is a definite accomplishment. My first horse trial was am utter fail. Hello big fat E. didn't help that we were in 3rd going into XC and then it all went to hell in a hand basket! Next time will be better :) even I can now look back on my terribly disappointing (and embarrassing) attempt and see the positives now so this too will pass :) congrats for finishing!


  6. OMG A SCORE!!! This has been a goal for you for as long as I've read your blog. Congrats! I am excited for the recap.


  7. Congrats for completing it! That is big!! :)


  8. Number over a letter is a great accomplishment. Get some rest, and mend and come back to the thoughts to better reflect without your body mood.


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