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A good laugh: the stadium jumping video

Wow. It is truly amazing how the passing of time changes one’s perspective. And how video really changes one’s perspective!

For as much as I was flustered/upset/embarrassed/emo over our stadium jumping warm-up and competition round, I found myself giggling the whole time while watching the video. With plenty of clucking at my past self for us to move. forward. darnit.

I recommend listening to the hilarious soundtrack while watching. Without further ado…

So, I guess it wasn’t quite as horrendous as it felt. My horse was acting more like a bouncy bunny rabbit, but that is a problem that we’ve had in the past and it resurfaced due to stress. I’m confident we will address that. The main takeaway for myself from watching this video is:  As soon as you can, encourage forward. Don’t let shenanigans distract you from riding forward ASAP.

I’ll post video of dressage along with scoresheets soon. XC video isn’t available yet.

7 comments on “A good laugh: the stadium jumping video

  1. Forward is always a good thing. Didn't look nearly as bad as you had written it up to be!


  2. Once you let him go forward, it wasn't half bad. ;) I've had those courses too.


  3. Thanks! You know, its unfortunate they edited out our major shenanigans at the beginning (before entering the start flags) and that no one caught our warm-up on video – I *really* would like to be able to watch those. But as for our actual round it didn't look dangerous, just hippity-hoppity.


  4. Love that you were clucking at yourself… I def talk to and coach myself when I see videos lol


  5. I can really relate to the problem I think that you're having. I always think I'm FLYING but I watch the video and I'm like 'ok wow, that was slow.' I think as he relaxes at shows and you learn to let go, you guys will be amazing!


  6. One good thing is that you get to hear more of that great song. Had he flown through the course the soundtrack would have been short. :0)

    Once he was pointed at a jump, he looked like he knew what to do; it was in between that seemed to rattle him. Getting him forward will probably take care of most of his problem. It definitely looked much better than you described it feeling. He was also super cute going over. His ears were pricked forward and he looked as though he enjoyed the jumping.

    Good thing we all enjoy the journey, eh?! Can't wait to see more. :0)


  7. Your halfpass needs a little work, oh wait wrong show xD Everyone has days like this and if they say they haven't they are just in denial.

    LOVED the song and it made me giggle.

    Don't let this one episode tamper with your optomistic attitude :)



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