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(Human) Nutrition Update

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It’s been about 10 weeks since I started the 21 day elimination challenge, removing some major components to my diet (gluten, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn, etc). On occasion I’ll have some of these foods, but by and large I’m still following this. I’ve also increased the intensity of exercise (from Denise Austin to Jillian Michaels, hehe) and I’ve also started a meditation program to help address stress.

Quick note: “diet” seems to be a negative word nowadays. Health coaches/nutritionists/even random friends get upset when you use that term instead of “lifestyle” or “way of eating” or some such. To me they are all synonyms referring to the type of foods you’re eating nowadays. Silly semantics.

My goal for this challenge and diet/lifestyle is weight loss. So far I’m down 10 lbs, and have another 20 to go before I reach my goal. 10 lbs is great, though it took longer than expected. But it is what it is – I can either continue with this and hopefully continue to lose at this rate, or I can add the foods back and potentially plateau or regain, or I can try even further changes to diet and exercise to lose weight faster. Each has their pros and cons but for now I’m just continuing on with the challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m still loving the weekly organic produce delivery. The fruits and vegetables truly do taste better than store-bought, likely because they were just picked from the field rather that trucked in from who-knows-how-far-away-who-knows-how-many-days-ago. I’ve never been a grapes fan, but the ones we’ve been getting are so sweet, I’m eating them for dessert!

7 comments on “(Human) Nutrition Update

  1. Sounds like its been a success so far? Have you noticed any change in your energy levels and such with the “lifestyle (diet)” change? :)


  2. I'm an optimist, so I'm trying to call it a success so far. But I'm also impatient so its not as successful as I'd have liked. As to energy, I have had problems with low energy, dizziness, and “brain fog” on this diet/lifestyle – I really have to make sure all my meals are balanced and that I have emergency snacks available. Specifically, I notice these problems when I don't have enough carbs or fats. However, working out absolutely improves my energy all day so that's good.


  3. So I cannot stress how important exercise is and can be. I eat, I eat healthy-ish. I still consume booze, and sugars and occassionally fast food and sometimes I taco binge. But I exercise, and since weightlifting 2x a week (and some weeks I'm like everyone else and donwannago and thendon'tgo) I am down 4% body fat. I weight exactly the same as I did before but losing 4% body fat is a huge difference.


  4. ^ I think that's huge too, sometimes its not the weight but body fat % and how stuff fits. I can gain inches but weigh about the same if I'm not working out (cough, like lately). If nothing else you are gaining years by eating healthy.


  5. Press on, Sister, press on! :0)


  6. Sounds like a good diet/lifestyle. It's good to eat less gluten, dairy, and sugar. Keep working at it!



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