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Catch Up Photo Dump

 An evening in the life of Sarah and Hemie…

Life has been wonderfully hectic, so I’m rather late in posting. On Saturday the 5th we went to Twin Rivers for an XC schooling and it was a wonderful experience. Hemie was brave and willing as we schooled all the BN jumps, with some Intro and some Novice thrown in too. We also had our very first gallop. As in, racehorse gallop. It was exhilarating.

This coming weekend we’re headed to Fresno County Horse Park (formerly Ram Tap) for our 2nd horse trials. We’ve never schooled there before, but we’re going Intro again so I’m not super concerned. It’s the warm up ring I’m nervous about. But hopefully we’ve given Hemie the tools to deal with stress better. And me too.

12 comments on “Catch Up Photo Dump

  1. Woohoo! Cant wait to hear about the show! You guys will rock!


  2. i'm sure you guys will do great!


  3. Fresno county? No way! I'm not far from Fresno.


  4. Yep! The show runs this Saturday and Sunday, and is free and open to spectators if you want to come check it out. Here's the facility's website:
    They have shows several times a year, as well as host clinics and private lessons, etc.


  5. I am sure you guys will do awesome!! :)


  6. I'm going to talk to my parents to see if I can come watch!


  7. What time is your class?


  8. Saturday is dressage and stadium jumping, while Sunday is cross-country day. I do dressage at 1:57 pm in arena 1, and stadium at 5:04 pm. Sunday our XC ride time is 3:59 pm.

    However, keep in mind that I'm in Intro level (the very lowest level of competition) – the more exciting stuff is the higher levels, such as Preliminary, which goes at 10:30 am on Sunday. I'll be there all weekend, watching the higher levels go, so feel free to text or call me at (661) 645-6345.

    Ride times, and scores, can be found at


  9. Thanks! You too at your show!!


  10. Best of luck you guys will rock it!


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