Early Days

Pony Therapy & Giving Thanks

This week ended up being hectic but not in the way I had thought. Instead of traveling for work I was stuck in bed with a stomach flu. I’m still nursing some ginger ale, but overall I’m feeling much better.

Last night I finally got out to the barn. I was prepared to cut my lesson short if I was feeling weak, but the fresh air and pony lovin’ had healing properties and I immediately felt much better.
I had a Carly moment – check out Hemie’s new next door neighbor!
Snowflake!!! How stinkin’ adorbs is he? 

Hemie and Snowflake had some neck arching, squealy cuteness but I was too slow on the camera draw. Oh well.

Lots of bloggers and peeps on Facebook have been doing daily thanks for the month of November.  I’ve never done this before and I’ve been on the fence about doing this since I don’t blog (or FB) every day.

But that’s okay – I’ve decided to do it anyway. This month I’m going to be more purposefully thankful every day. I got the final push from L of Viva Carlos who also is doing it even though starting late. It’s never too late to be grateful, I think.

Now to make up for my fence-sitting, here’s my catch-up on what I’ve been especially grateful for each day this month:

Day 1 – I’m thankful to have a house with a guest room so friends can stay with me when visiting from out of town.

Day 2 – I’m grateful for beautiful fall weather – perfect for a beach wedding.

Day 3 – I’m thankful for lazy laid-back mornings with a country breakfast.

Day 4 – I’m grateful for unexpected late birthday gifts.

Day 5 – I’m grateful for Netflix (very important when sick in bed).

Day 6 – I’m thankful for my compassionate husband who steps up when I’m feeling down.

Day 7 – I’m thankful for pony therapy! The best medicine.

Day 8 – Today I’m thankful for good health.

6 comments on “Pony Therapy & Giving Thanks

  1. Yes, it's never too late to be Thankful!


  2. The fact that his name is Snowflake makes him a hundred times cuter!!


  3. I met his owner today and found out that his name is actually Shadow…oops. He's still Snowflake to me though!!


  4. Aw I'm sorry you were sick! Stomach stuff like that is the worst.


  5. Aww…Snowflake/Shadow is a cutie! I'm glad you are feeling a little better.


  6. I think he may be my Welsh pony mares younger full brother… wyndam hills moon shadow? He looks just like her brother named shadow. He's super cute either way! (Her registered name is wyndam hills little queen)


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