Early Days

In the Dark

Darkness is my pony-time reality now that daylight savings time has begun. Or ended. Whichever.
It’s dark now before I even get off of work. I’m not gonna lie – it does make it challenging when facing this question at the end of a long work day:

Left or Right?

Its in the winter that I really struggle with the 35+ minute commute to the barn each way. But c’est la vie – there aren’t a ton of alternatives and I do love my barn.

Because he’s killed too many little buckets, I guess.

By the way, this is how Hemie says goodbye to me in the evenings:

Nom nom nom.

Goop all over his face!  I give him a kiss on the neck or rump while trying to avoid face contact. I’ll admit – sometimes he slimes me.

And to catch up on my thankfulness.

Day 9 – I’m thankful for a smart, brave horse.*

Day 10 – I’m grateful for good friends and fun double-dates.

Day 11 – I’m thankful for my wonderful doting husband.

Day 12 – I’m thankful for productive, low-stress days at work.

Day 13 – I’m grateful for an inspirational and loving sister.

*On Saturday we did the big log jump after the down bank into water! Such a good pony!

7 comments on “In the Dark

  1. What a beautiful water complex!


  2. Yah! Good job on the water jump.


  3. Wow, love the water complex, good job Hemie! I agree, with the early dark, its hard some days to not turn towards the warm and cozy house rather then the barn.


  4. Woo hoo big log jump!! Ugh the dark sucks!


  5. Have I mentioned that I love your arena?


  6. Always jealous when I see your arenas!


  7. DLST is just no fun… doesn't matter what part of the country you're in :-/


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