Early Days


Puerto Vallarta sunrise

I’m baaAAck! Hubby and I took a week long cruise to the Mexican riviera and had the perfect blend of fun and relaxation. I kept my phone in airplane mode to avoid international surcharges, and it is quite amazing to be unplugged from phone and internet for a week! Dealing with all the email is killer, but on the upside I have lots of great blog reading to catch up on. =)

Ponykins was super snuggly this morning, which melted my heart. I was afraid he’d be pissy and standoffish, which he was once before when I hadn’t seen him for a few days. But today he snuggled quite a bit (but gave one little nip too, sassy boy).

As I free longed him I realized 2 things:

#1) He is quite a handsome horse.

#2) His body is looking really great…except for those darn ribs!

Even having rolled his coat has a great sheen. Overall his physique keeps on improving. He is gaining muscle, which is good, but the visible ribs still just bother me.

My trainer underwent some surgery while I was gone and is taking several weeks off to recover. In addition to completing No Stirrup November I’ll be brainstorming some exercises so I don’t do the same thing over and over while waiting to pick up lessons again.

8 comments on “Ola!

  1. He looks great! I don't know if you're a supplement person or not, but I had really persistent ribs with Fiction. I thought it might have been a digestion problem, so I put him on SmartOmega3 which is full of probiotics and prebiotics for his upper and lower gut. His ribs vanished within a month. It was amazing. Just a suggestion! :)


  2. He's looking really good! I love soaked beet pulp and ground flax for putting on weight – assuming he's UTD on wormer, etc. Another thing to consider is ulcers. My OTTB Echo didn't really look or act like he had them, but a few weeks on the “blue pop rocks” (a cheaper version of GG, you can find out about them on CoTH) and suddenly he was gaining weight on the same quantity of feed. Suspicious for sure. And I've heard good things about the SmartGut products from SmartPak, although I've never used them. Good luck!


  3. It looks so warm there.


  4. I'm glad you had a nice vacation. Hemie is looking really nice.


  5. Jealous of your vacation! FYI a healthy horse should have some ribs showing…no worries there.


  6. Welcome back! I use Fat Cat to finish off the rib covering on Giant Barrel Magee.


  7. His topline and muscle overall looks fab! I'm giving equine senior to add weight, but finding there's a little more energy then I'd like from it.


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