Early Days

And they’re off!

Photographic evidence of stirrup removal.

My stirrup leathers, that is! Up to this point, for No Stirrup November I’ve been just dropping my stirrups for various durations during my rides. And to be honest, riding without stirrups has been much easier in my dressage saddle than my jump saddle. I find my leg lengthening and riding with a deeper seat, though I know I personally need to focus on maintaining a light 3-point sans irons to develop a better lower leg in my jump saddle.

So last night I finally took the plunge and removed the leathers completely from my jump saddle. I even set up some ground poles and tiny little vertical jump. It was a little concerning since no one else was at the barn, and of course it was completely dark save for the arena lights. But all went well. In fact…I didn’t fall off! I came close when Hemie spooked at a who-knows-what lurking in the darkness, but I made a great save.

Boy, are my legs feeling it today! Wowza!

On to other exciting things…

Check out Fly On Over’s blogger holiday gift exchange. What a novel idea – love it!

Also, share some funny stories for Equinpilot’s contest (we all could use more humor in our lives!)

And finally to catch up on 30 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 17 – I’m grateful for good books.

Day 18 – I’m thankful for delicious food, and for the privilege of never having gone hungry.

Day 19 – I’m grateful for being able to travel to beautiful places.

Day 20 – I’m thankful for good health and all my body parts so I can hike and swim and do all sorts of physical things.

Day 21 – I’m grateful for the smell of the ocean.

Day 22 – I’m thankful for our beautiful planet filled with so many creatures.

Day 23 – I’m thankful for my home.

Day 24 – I’m thankful for my wonderful family, and being able to see them often.

Day 25 – I’m grateful for my 2 doggies, Levi and Lucy! Sources of laughter and joy every day.

Day 26 – I’m grateful for a fully functioning kitchen and the smell of home-made cookies.

Day 27 – I’m thankful for my job.

2 comments on “And they’re off!

  1. Go girl for taking the stirrups off! Just be careful those horse eating shadows are out in full force ;)


  2. You are braver than I — I won't pull my stirrups all the way off yet,haha. And thanks for the shoutout!


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