Early Days

14 Photo Challenge

A little something to get your blog posts rolling in the new year…
Must be new photos taken this year. You can do it all in one post, or spread out over many. Have fun!

  1. Your horse’s stall.
  2. Favorite saddle pad.
  3. Barn cat? Barn dog? Barn ____?
  4. Favorite area to ride at your facility.
  5. Between-the-ears shot, out on a trail ride.
  6. The bottom of your horse’s hoof.
  7. The hay stack at your barn.
  8. Favorite grooming thing.
  9. Your horse’s best friend or significant other.
  10. A snapshot from your commute to the barn (be careful).
  11. Between-the-ears shot, at a random location at your facility.
  12. The cutest or most attractive part of your barn.
  13. Favorite piece of tack.
  14. Selfie with your horse.

17 comments on “14 Photo Challenge

  1. Great idea – thank you for posting, I'm stealing it!


  2. Definitely doing this!


  3. Super fun! I'm in!


  4. Ooh! Great idea – I'm in, too. :0)


  5. How neat! I'm definitely going to jump on the bandwagon!


  6. seems like fun! Thank you so much for the secret Santa gift! Loves the socks and equifuse!


  7. New to your blog… what a great idea!


  8. Fun idea! I'll have a shot as well… posting on my WordPress blog ridingonwater.wordpress.com


  9. Super fun! I'm in and will do it with weekly posts!


  10. Love this! Now I need to get on some picture taking! :)


  11. Seems like fun, I'm in!


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