Early Days

Q1 Goals

We’re one week into 2014 and already I’m starting to feel behind. But I actually have accomplished a lot, so maybe it’s just the fact that there’s a bunch of half-written blog posts that I need to finish!

This year I’m going to do quarterly goals and check-ins to make sure I’m on track for our 2014 goals. So now through the end of March I’m going to:

  1. Work on improving our free walk. It counts for double in our dressage tests!
  2. Focus on hind end engagement/tracking hind legs up.
  3. Work on making canter cue more subtle (more body and seat, less leg). 

I’ve signed up for the Galway Downs Annual Fundraiser Clinic in 2 weeks down in Temecula. It will count double towards my annual goals, as it will be XC schooling at a new venue as well as as riding with a clinician: the fabulous Hawley Bennett-Awad, Olympian and west coast eventing superstar. I’ve heard great things about riding with her so I look forward to our XC and stadium lessons.

I’ve also sent in my entries for the Galway Downs horse trials the 1st week of February, and am strongly contemplating riding in a local Dr. Christian Schacht clinic at the end of February. So this quarter we’ll be well on our way for our 2014 participation goals.

As to my non-horsey goals, this quarter I’ll:

  • Put a good dent in garage organizing.
  • Start including weight training regularly in my workouts.
  • When eating out, take half the food home (ie, reduce portion size).
  • Check in on horsey spending at least once per month.
  • Prepare birthday cards at the beginning of each month and make sure all birthdays are on my master calendar.

7 comments on “Q1 Goals

  1. eventing in February?? Jealous….


  2. His face in the second picture is adorable! Great goals for Q1.


  3. Great goals! I am so bad about birthdays…


  4. Jealous that you get to clinic with Hawley Bennett Awad!


  5. Good luck with all of your goals. i love that second picture; he is so adorable.


  6. Hawley came and did some clinics at our barn last year- so fun! I am sure you will enjoy riding with her!


  7. Super cute pics! And good luck with your goals! I'm jealous of your sun… It's -50 wind hills here.


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