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Rule Changes

Gingham at Pia & Prarie’s Parade just did an interesting post on rule changes in hunter-land. Apparently there is quite an uproar over some of the changes regarding drugging (rather, putting a stop to some of it), but the one that piqued my interest is the new acceptance of running martingales. Previously only standing martingales were accepted, which seemed silly to me.

We in eventer-land have our own set of interesting new rule changes for 2014 season (effective 12/1/2013). Check out a full summary here. But of most interest is the change to section EV141 “Cross County Scoring” which boils down to:

We’re allowed to fall off!!

Okay, okay, so it’s more technical than that of course.

Specifically, we are discussing rider falls at or relating to presenting the horse to an obstacle. Previously, any rider fall relating to an obstacle was Elimination. But now, for Beginner Novice and Novice levels only, if you fall and land on your feet and remain standing, you get 65 penalty points and may continue on course. Any 2nd fall is Elimination (regardless of landing on feet, etc).

I foresee more flying dismount lessons around the country!  And potentially some complications with activated air vests!

Again, these are falls specifically related to flagged obstacles as part of your course. As before, if you fall off (or dismount) in between jumps, or over a jump that isn’t part of your course (yes, you ARE allowed to jump things that aren’t part of your course), there is no penalty and you can keep going. Nothing has changed with that.

To brighten your hump day, I leave you with this amazing save by Karen O’Connor (then Lende) at Rolex many years back:

7 comments on “Rule Changes

  1. Very interesting!


  2. My foggy brain thinks remembers a time when a first rider fall didn't cause elimination at all.. I get why they changed that, but I also think that if you sorta slide off your bratty pony and no one is hurt how allowing Rider Falls at lower levels could be ok. Especially when you want that bratty pony to finish the &#*$ course :)


  3. That is crazy!!!

    And that video is awesome!


  4. That video is so cool! In that position, I would have ended up on the ground.

    I decided to start a blogger spotlight series on my blog when I spotlight OTTB owners, and I was wondering if you(and any other OTTB owner who reads this) would like to participate. At the end of the month, I will select one horse and rider pair to feature. You can read about it here:
    Email me at paola.pedranti@gmail.com if you'd like to know more.


  5. I was trying to explain to a woman that her air vest will inflate if she falls OR dismounts without unhooking… The looks were comical. I wonder if people who fall and attempt to land on their feet will also try to start unhooking their air vests haha


  6. This rule is probably going to change many more times over the years as they try to work out the kinks. I was actually for the no fall rule, but we will see what this brings.


  7. Love the change! The penalty knocks you out of the placings (as it should) but you can still finish the course you paid for (and trained for and REALLY want pictures of)!!! If the lower levels are about bringing along horses and riders I think its healthy to get right back on to jump again instead of the long walk of shame back to the barn.


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