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Blog Hop: Share Your Barn

Blogger confession: I ADORE blog hops!  They are a great way to discover blogs and learn something new about the blogs you already follow. The Process of Learning and The Sprinkler Bandit teamed up to create the Show Me Your Barn blog hop, which I have really enjoyed exploring!

1. A View of the Barn

My facility is quite large, and there are several different “barns” around the property. I board in this pipe barn. I love that there is a covered aisle, and we have our own cross-ties and tie-rail, bathing area, grain room, and lounge. We are the most conveniently located to the trailer parking (great when packing for outings) and have easy access to a large round pen and the 2 main jumping arenas.

2. Your Horse’s Living Space

View from the front, under covered aisle.

View from the back.

Hemie lives in a 12’x24′ pipe corral paddock that is half-covered. He gets turned out 3 times per week, 4 hours at a time, in larger pipe corral paddocks that you can see in the view-of-the-barn photo. He gets fed 3x per day (plus a 4th meal when I see him several days per week), and he gets shavings once per week.

3. The Tack Room

Our tack rooms are large shipping containers, with generously sized cubbies built inside. They are locked, have lights, and are weatherproof and rodent-proof.

4. View of Where You Ride

We have several arenas at our facility, and I ride mostly in the cross-country arena. It is closest to my barn, and typically its jumps are set at my height. It has excellent lights for evening rides.

5. Your Favorite Feature of Your Facility

There’s lots to love about my facility, but my favorite is the personnel. The barn owner, managers, and stablehands are professional, approachable, and take excellent care of all the horses.  I wasn’t brave enough to get all paparazzi on them so here’s a view of the cute office bungalow. Even though I live and work 40+ minutes away, I don’t worry about Hemie – he’s in good, trusted hands.
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5 comments on “Blog Hop: Share Your Barn

  1. I find it really interesting at how barns in all parts of the country are built/set up. Yours barn looks/is set up nothing like mine but picking up on the different features and trying to figure out why they're built that way (climate, terrain, etc.) is cool to me. But then again I'm a nerd :)


  2. I love those open, airy facilities for warm weather. Maybe I'll live somewhere that I can appreciate them eventually.


  3. Nice facility!


  4. lovely barn!! :)


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