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Focus on the Positive

1st world problems

First of all, I’m alive and kicking, even though I haven’t been great with blogging over the last week and a half.

To be honest I’ve been struggling with some anxiety and depression, possibly from a recent medication change, possibly from major work drama, possibly from some family drama, most likely everything combined. Intellectually I acknowledge that my life is pretty amazing, but emotionally I’ve been very up and down. Actually, just down. Its frustrating. But I’m looking into solutions.

But back to what makes me happy: horses!

This past Sunday I participated in a Dr. Christian Schacht clinic, where I met up with fellow blogger Karen of Not So Speedy Dressage who also participated. Even with all her traveling lately she’s been great with keeping up blog posts and has even started a recap of the clinic. I’m still digesting my experience but will recap soon.

Love this face!

Meanwhile we’ve been having good lessons in both dressage and jumping these last 2 weeks. Hemie came away from the horse trials with a little more attitude when jumping, and a little more interest in going faster rather than slower when figuring out a jumping question.

George (my barn-mate’s horse who had the trailer incident) is doing much better. The swelling in his knee went down then came back a few times so they had radiographs taken: verdict was no bone issues whatsoever and to go ahead and start back into work while addressing the swelling. Thank you to everyone who sent positive vibes!

Our event schedule is a little up in the air right now, but I’m looking into local dressage shows.  I’ve also been researching a local hunt club and might give that a shot in the next month or so.

TK on Hemie. Note the “winter” sky.

A major rain storm is expected this week, so I’m glad I haven’t body-clipped yet. But as soon as we get a fair-weather weekend I’ll be buzzing away since Hemie HATES shedding with a passion.

9 comments on “Focus on the Positive

  1. I know what you're feeling. I've been in a similar state of mind. Just this morning after a mini break down of 20 minutes I stopped myself and had to force myself into just thinking positive. Just try to keep your head up!


  2. Oo, want to hear about the clinic! I hope you're feeling better soon.


  3. Sorry to hear you've been feeling crummy :( Try to to follow the guilty 'I have a good life why am I sad' train of thought…. it just makes things worse in my experience :)


  4. Thada girl! When life brings you down, go visit the horse. That always helps me. Hoping things get better soon for you. Looking forward to hearing your recap soon :)


  5. Hope that things smooth out in life and that you start feeling better soon!! hugs!


  6. Probably all of the above, it all tends to shit down on you at once and feel overwhelming! Big hugs and wear your invisible crown and it will all be okay!


  7. Its usually a swirled mix of crap that gets us down, and most of us have certainly felt like we are walking a tight rope while carrying a brick house on our backs, even when life is overall “good”, hang in there! And seriously, Hemie is just so dang cute!


  8. Depression is a hard thing to deal with, hang in there…we are here for you. *hugs*


  9. Oh, Sarah. I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you would have unloaded on me last weekend. Next time I'm over there (Schooling show in March is a GO!), please use me as a listening post. Personal, equine, financial … I can listen to it all with the appropriate nods of sympathy or loudly exclaimed, “THAT'S CRAP.” Remember the story about my pal who helped with the boot shopping? I have had good teachers. :0)

    Stay positive and don't beat yourself up. You are much loved by many people and a good friend to many others. Hugs.



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