Early Days

Day at the Races

This weekend I went to Santa Anita Park with some girlfriends – my first time going to a horse race as an adult! It was a blast.

I did some homework beforehand so I could play the ponies and not look like an idiot.  The best web guide on how to bet on horse races was from Art of Manliness blog. I bet on 4 races, and won a payout on 1 of them using a highly sophisticated betting method of  best horse’s name + pretty jockey silks + horse’s face expression, LOL.

Coming down the home stretch!

S.E., J.H., and myself

Its nice to feel a little more connected to my horse’s past career. Though looking at those TINY jockey saddles makes me wonder why Hemie had a hard time being ridden bareback…

5 comments on “Day at the Races

  1. haha that last part is pretty funny!


  2. Sounds like fun! I want to go watch a horse race or even just take a look behind the scenes some day.


  3. I love Santa Anita! My favorite is when they run them down the hill. More than that, I enjoyed watchinh the horses train in the mornings there. If you ever get a chance to do that, it's a truly amazing experience. Love your blog!


  4. Your betting method is similar to mine!


  5. It is so much fun! When we went in January, Hubby and I had a winner in 6 of 9 races, not too shabby. :0) We'll be there again on Sunday; we forgot it was the the Derby on Saturday. We were too late to get our tickets. The stands will either be completely empty, or filled with Sunday's die hards. :0)


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