Early Days

Pictures and Plans

Featuring random pictures and off the cuff planning.

Dryer sheets help keep your helmet fresh.

Upon further rumination on last week’s frustrating lessons, I think that Laurie has been pushing Hemie and me in our flatwork in anticipation of our upcoming show. Not because she’s cramming in training in hopes of improving our performance (though of course she wants us to do the best we can), but rather to give us both more practice at coping with stress, and being able to perform under pressure.

New sand in round pen = roll-tastic!

For the show, my primary goal is the same as for our last HT in February: to have overall improvement over our experiences last year, and avoid/prevent any “shenanigans” (getting nappy/stuck, etc). My keyword for the whole show is going to be relaxation. I want my horse and myself to be relaxed and happy for as much of the show as possible.

For dressage, I would like us to put in a solid test. I’d like us to meet or beat the 40.0 we received at Galway.  For stadium and cross country, I would like double-clear rounds, with a nice forward step.

Overall and most importantly, I want us to have fun. And be relaxed. Fun. Relaxed. Fun. Relaxed.

Me riding Handsome, a 5-yr old OTTB.

6 comments on “Pictures and Plans

  1. Fun and relaxation… my goals too!


  2. Your helmet cover is rad!


  3. Good luck and have fun!!


  4. Sounds like a good plan!


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