Early Days

XC Colors?

The show is just 1 week away. Yikes!

I really don’t want to think about things like our dressage test or the horrible drama we had at this venue last year. So how about a reader poll to select my cross country colors? Because who’s kidding who – that’s the fun part about eventing anyway. Galloping, jumping, and dressing like a shameless 12-year-old.

So here are the options. Poll closes in 1 week.

Zebra ensemble.

A) Black.

  • Black helmet (no cover).
  • White sport shirt (I don’t have a black one).
  • Black saddle pad.
  • Black horse boots with black electrical tape.

B) Black & Zebra

  • Same as above, but with zebra tape on the horse boots.
Black & magenta ensemble.
C) Black & Magenta
  • Black & pink-polka-dot helmet cover.
  • Magenta sport shirt.
  • Black saddle pad.
  • Black horse boots with magenta electrical tape.

Blue ensemble
D) Blue
  • Black helmet (no cover).
  • Blue sport shirt.
  • Blue saddle pad.
  • Blue breeches.
  • Black horse boots with blue electrical tape.
What cross country colors should Hemie and Sarah rock at FCHP?
Black & Zebra
Black & Magenta
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11 comments on “XC Colors?

  1. I would only ever event for the outfits!!! lol. But I am a classic girl and like the first one even with the white shirt! Looks great!


  2. Haha XC colors are definitely the funnest part :)


  3. Definitely like the blue!


  4. Zebra is cool! Oh and what are ride times? My parents said I come if we aren't doing anything else. :D


  5. Magenta! Not that anything is wrong with classic colors, but if you get to rock bright colors, go for it! That's my only downfall for being a hunter princess, I love matchy matchy bright colors!


  6. I love the black and magenta! Especially with bay horses…


  7. Blue. I generally can't put girly colors on a boy horse. Plus my color is royal blue even though I don't event. haha


  8. I can't believe I didn't go with magenta, but I really like the way the blue looks on you guys!


  9. I voted for Black & Magenta but I like the simple Black or Blue as well. I have no idea why but I am really not a fan of zebra.


  10. I vote for Magenta! Classic colors are for dressage ;)

    I'm a eventer from Finland. My eventing color is green :D


  11. Zebra haha, classic and a little bit different. I can't put girl colours on a boy horse either, much as magenta suits you two!


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