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California Riders @ Rolex Update

To follow up my previous Rolex preview post, we’ve had some changes with our California competitors. We started off with 8 pairs, and are down to 4.

The withdrawn competitors…

Ecko has interesting taste in blanket styles, no?
Photo from Facebook

Bunnie Sexton

Unfortunately Bunnie withdrew from Rolex just days after the entry list was posted. My understanding is that her horse has had some sort of hoof issue and therefore has not been able to compete at any events in 2014. It was unwise and unfair to have their first outing of the season be their first 4-star, so they scratched. She still has her eyes on Kentucky for 2015, and might try to go back east for some competitions this year. Just this past weekend she posted on Facebook that he is trotting out sound and ready to get back in the action!

Tiana and Finn at USEF High Perf Lesson
Photo from Facebook

Tiana Coudray

Tiana  also withdrew from Rolex early on. She is foregoing the travel grant from Land Rover, opting instead to stay in England and compete at Badminton.

Photo from Facebook

Jolie Wentworth

Jolie withdrew from Rolex with the happy announcement of her pregnancy! This will be her and her husband David’s first child, expected in September.

Photo from Facebook

Kristi Nunnink

Kristie and Rosie were the first Californians to arrive at the east coast, opting to get some pre-Rolex rides in with Buck Davidson and compete another mare at Plantation Fields. Unfortunately just a few days ago Kristi announced the heartbreaking news of Rosie’s retirement from eventing, due to a heart condition and after consulting a top equine coronary expert. They heading back to California, where Rosie will likely pursue show jumping or baby making.

The remaining competitors…

Deborah Rosen & The Alchemyst (Al)
Jennifer McFall & High Times (Billy)
Hawley Bennett-Awad & Gin & Juice (Ginny)
James Alliston & Parker

All 4 pairs are tucked in at Rolex as of yesterday!

4 comments on “California Riders @ Rolex Update

  1. thanks for the updates :)


  2. Thanks for the update, love that you are so in the know! :)


  3. OMG. Those blue stirrups. <3


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