Early Days

VCBH: Continuation School

Viva Carlos!
With all the ups and downs experienced in riding, 
the expense, the pressure, the stress horses being giant and yet fragile. 
Some of us are sidelined due to physical conditions, horse injuries, finances 
or even a lack of a equid to throw a leg over, 
Why do you continue to ride?

L. comes up with some great questions, doesn’t she?  I can think of 4 main reasons why I ride:
Good for the body
Hands-down its my favorite type of physical activity. You use your whole body – endurance, strength, coordination, agility, relaxation, and feel. Especially during lessons and working rides, its involved so it keeps my mind fully engaged. 

Good for the mind
Not only do I need to think during rides, I think about riding when I’m out of the saddle too. Setting goals, making plans, researching all manner of horse stuff, and writing this blog – I think its fun, healthy, and so much better than just watching TV or whatever else other people do.

Good for the heart
The relationship between rider and horse is one of the very special elements of riding that of course isn’t part of other sports or hobbies. Horses have personalities, and developing a bond whether for just one ride or an ongoing partnership is a wonderful part of riding. For me, developing and deepening the special relationship I have with my horse is the most important part of riding.
Good for the soul
Riding brings me peace and relaxation like nothing else. It recharges me. Trail rides and hacks are oftentimes also spiritual – a space and time for me to just be, or to meditate on life, the universe, and my place in it. 

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6 comments on “VCBH: Continuation School

  1. Very good reasons! Even non-horsey people can't argue with some of those reasons.


  2. Well said :)


  3. Amen amen amen amen!


  4. Great responses! :)


  5. Isn't that the truth?!


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