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VCBH: Bit It Up!

Viva Carlos!
From L.:
For this weeks blog hop, as I continue to struggle to find the right bitting situation for the Dinosaur Jr. I want to hear all about what bit you ride your current beastie in and why!

Yay for this blog hop! I love learning about what tack others use and why. I learn so much from these kinds of posts – I hope everyone participates!!
The bit I ride my beastie in..
Hemie is ridden in a Albacon french link eggbutt snaffle made of German silver. 
Albacon (sometimes seen as AlBaCon) is the manufacturer. It appears they are based in Germany. They use German silver, which is considered to have better taste to the horse due to the high copper content. The idea is that better taste encourages salivation and acceptance of contact.
The type of bit is a french link snaffle. This is commonly recognized as one of the most mild bits available. It doesn’t have the nutcracker effect of regular single-jointed snaffles. The bars and center link are thinner than most “losenge” type bits. I ride in an eggbutt simply because loose rings have been known to pinch horse’s lips.
And Why…
I figured that I’d start off with the most mild bit, then increase severity only as it became necessary. I’ve been considering changing his bit so I’m interested in this blog hop to help me understand other bits better.

9 comments on “VCBH: Bit It Up!

  1. Very similar bit to what I have Fiction in – although I have him in a loose ring to encourage play. I just size up a tad to avoid possible pinching :) (He's a size 5 but I ride him in 5 1/4).


  2. Hey, my name is Sean and I work at Absorbine. We have a new product we think you'd like to review! If you are in, email me at sblack@wfyoung.com


  3. I think sometimes its good to school in a harsher bit to fix problems like hanging or dragging, then try them back in the softer bit. Eventually they figure out its easier to not fight… hopefully.


  4. I love French links and the variations. So fun!


  5. Always use whatever bit works best is my policy :)


  6. French links are my favorite “starting place” too. I always start in a french link loose ring and then go from there.


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