Early Days

Mid Year Photo Challenge

Wow. June already. Can you believe that we’re half-way through 2014? Time for a photo challenge, I say!  

Must be pics taken recently. Have fun, and link your challenge post(s) below!
  1. A between-the-ears shot.
  2. Anything blooming at your barn.
  3. A picture of your horse taken from a random/weird/artistic angle.
  4. The most attractive horse at your barn other than yours.
  5. Bath time photo.
  6. A sweet picture of you and your horse.

http://static.inlinkz.com/cs2.js?v=007 get the InLinkz code

8 comments on “Mid Year Photo Challenge

  1. Fun!! I'll definitely have to get some shots over the course of the month!


  2. Oooooo I love a challenge!


  3. I'll play along with this!!! I'll post them when I have them ready :)


  4. Looks fun, I'll play too! :)


  5. Woohoo, something to post about! Lol.


  6. Sounds fun will have to do~!


  7. Found your blog after another rider linked to the photo challenge! Looking forward to doing this!


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