Early Days

Week so far

We did a jumping practice ride, channeling our inner hunter: rhythmical, relaxed, using our whole arena. He tripped a few times throughout the ride, including once just 2 strides from a jump, causing me to drop my reins. We made it over just fine anyway, woot woot! I think he was tripping because of needing a hoof trim.

Then I myself almost tripped on a bunny. Seriously they are everywhere right now.

Hooves got trimmed by the fabulous Sabine. Then Hemie got a bit-up and lots of cookies.

Tonight (Thursday) we’re getting a dressage lesson, then not sure about Friday but likely a jump lesson on Saturday.

3 comments on “Week so far

  1. Good luck with your dressage lesson. I love bunnies and see them all the time in evenings.


  2. yay pedicure!


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