Early Days

Q2 Review & Q3 Goals

2014 Goals
Q1 Review & Q2 Goals

Q2 Horsey Goals:

  1. Work on my lower leg stability while jumping. Some success. Its improving bit by bit, but needs more work.
  2. Work on better upper body posture for dressage (stop leaning forward!). Marginal success. Needs more work.
  3. Focus on Hemie’s flexibility and bending the whole body. Success. We focused on it, and he does supple up when asked.
  4. Add more lateral exercises to rides (shoulder-in, haunches-in, etc). Success. Added in most rides.
  5. Continue working on steadier connection and hind-end engagement. This has taken up most of the time, energy, and effort. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, a few steps sideways, heeeey macarena!

Q2 Non-Horsey goals:

  1. Continue garage organizing – focusing on my crazy horse pile. Great success. Then my parents started using my garage for storage and it has started going downhill again. So really, moderate success.
  2. Create a more efficient workout schedule and stick to it! Success – I’m doing the “starting strength” program 2 to 3 times per week.
  3. Buy or make birthday cards so I always have a ready supply. Success. They were on sale. Sending them out in a timely manner….not so great.
  4. Track all horse show expenses in my show binder. Meh…didn’t do a great job with this, but better than nothing I guess.

July-August-September/Q3 Goals

1. Focus on Hemie’s enjoyment of flatwork.
2. Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation.
3. Schedule a clinic OR do an XC school at a new location.

1. Continue with garage organizing.
2. Continue with working out and eating healthfully.
3. Review short, medium, and long-term financial goals with hubby.

1 comment on “Q2 Review & Q3 Goals

  1. Good luck and good job on your progress!


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