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VCBH: The Simple Life

Viva Carlos!

Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler?
The answer that first came to mind would be a shorter commute, because driving to and from the barn sucks up valuable time that I’d rather spend with ponykins instead of on the road.
But reading through the other answers of this blog hop helps me to appreciate (a) that I have a dependable car, (b) that my commute isn’t nearly as bad as others’, and (c) that there will just never be enough time.
So my final answer to this question is that getting over my hesitation to spend money on horsey things would make my horse life simpler. My husband and I make good livings and we are very fortunate to have financial security. But for some reason I have this mental and emotional block from spending it on horsey things without analyzing the purchase to death first. Its especially burdensome regarding special one-time purchases, like our new Thinline pad which I had to think about for at least a month before buying. 
Its just this weirdness that I have. I don’t really know where it comes from or why it persists, but I do think that me feeling more okay with spending money on horsey purchases would make life simpler.

6 comments on “VCBH: The Simple Life

  1. The solution is obviously to let others (I'll volunteer first) spend your money for you. Who's ever heard of a horse girl having problems spending money on horse girl things?! :P


  2. Lol I do count on other blogs to help me decide on purchases – thinline vs b-o-t vs ogilvy vs etc etc – so overwhelming! Other people are way faster/better at making decisions!


  3. That's why you're financially stable. If you spend, spend, spend … you don't have anything left to spend! Being prudent with one's money is what allows one to maintain having money. :0)

    It kills me that I can now buy almost anything that I want, but I don't!!! In my 20s, I wanted EVERYTHING but couldn't afford it. :0)


  4. I understand how you feel! I hem and haw over the most basic of purchases: “Well, the horses need to be wormed. This wormer is $5 at this store. But wasn't it $3 online? But what about shipping?!” or “All of my breeches have holes in the crotch. I am not good enough at sewing to fix them. But do I really need another pair? You can't SEE the holes when in wearing the breeches, RIGHT?!”


  5. I was thinking shorter commute to but your answer is a good one. But as Bakersfield Dressage said being careful with money is good too!


  6. I'm happy to help spend your money for you! :)


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