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VCBH: Interested Parties

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Viva Carlos!

What made you interested in your current horse that lead you to buying them in the first place?

Like SprinklerBandit, I’ve got a roundabout answer because I wasn’t interested and didn’t buy my horse.  I was riding Spirit at the time, and had just gotten married. I wasn’t in the market for a horse.
My first week back after my honeymoon, my trainer pulled in the barn from checking out a group of the Luck horses with another client. She walked straight up to me, looked me in the eye, and said matter-of-factly  “Sarah, you have got to get one of these horses.”
I called my husband. We had just paid for a very expensive (but well worth it) honeymoon of our dreams. We agreed that we couldn’t afford to buy a horse right then.
Wouldn’t you know, the adoption fee for the Luck horses was $0. 
I researched OTTBs – how to evaluate them, retraining tips, etc. I was expecting to check out a couple of horses – test ride them if possible, or trot-out if not.
Nope. Didn’t happen.
The adoption center’s director, with some input from my trainer, had hand-picked the horse for me. Bohemian had gotten a bath and was in a box-stall waiting for me. We met him in the stall for a few minutes. He was happy to meet us and had a chill vibe. 

We left and went around the corner to check in with the director. I looked back towards the box stall, and Bohemian has stretched his neck up to look out a high side window at me. He had such a kind eye. An interested eye. A hopeful eye.

The adoption center is also a rehab facility, and there was a medical procedure going on right then, so the director spared me about 30 seconds to hand me papers and wish us luck. I signed my name, and Laurie found a lead rope. She led him to the trailer – that was the first time I saw him out of the stall.

I went along with this very unusual adoption procedure because he came with a return/exchange policy – if he didn’t work out for me, I could bring him back and try out other horses. Its not that I decided to keep him, per se, so much as there was no reason to return him. We got along great from the first – mostly due to his interested-in-life attitude and laid back personality.

Like Lindsay, it wasn’t quite love at first sight, but it was click at first sight. Which blossomed into love not too long later.

And like Tracy, I think it was simply meant to be. Of the 2 horses I’ve owned, I didn’t actually shop for either of them. The universe made the arrangements; I just stayed open to them. Which makes it all the more special in my book.

More on adoption day here.

Loving this hop! Be sure to read the other participants’ posts!

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4 comments on “VCBH: Interested Parties

  1. Do you ever get updates or hear how Spirit is doing?

    I rem the crazy adoption story and how cool it was that you have a tv horse! :)


  2. =] I am FB-friends with Spirit's owner so I hear about her every so often. I get the impression she is well cared for a has an easy life of occasional trail rides and very occasional gymkhana outings.


  3. “The universe made the arrangements, I just stayed open to them.”

    LOVE this! Glad to hear things worked out for you :)


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