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$900 FB Pony Tack Swap/Sale

$900 Facebook Pony Blog Hop!

What do you have for sale? Or trade? What items are you looking for? 
We need pictures and prices and the whole 9 yards! 
Think of this as an opportunity to refresh your horse stuff collection.

To be honest I’m viewing this more as an opportunity to cleanse my overcrowded horsey area of the garage, and pass things on to fellow bloggers for free or cheap, because I’ve been very blessed in that way and its nice to pay it forward. 
Section 1: FREE items!! That’s right – $0. All you pay is shipping, and we’ll figure out the most affordable shipping arrangements.
#1. Roma Millers 11″ Pro-Tek foam riser pad. Used. Folded and squished in areas. Free.

#2. Blue bareback pad. Free. CLAIMED.

#3. One pair of blue shipping wraps. Velcro closures. Free.
#4. White keyhole saddle pad. Has zipper, but no inserts. 20.5″ long by 13″ wide. Free.

#5. White fitted pad. Royal Riders brand. 19″ long by 36″ wide. Free.
#6. Tan splint boots. Say size Medium but they fit as Small. Bart Products brand. Very used; has some holes. Free.
#7. Black jumping bat. 18″ long. Wonder Whip brand. In good shape. Free.
#8. Pink Epona brand “shed flower” grooming curry. Free.
#9. Aqua blue nylon halter, horse size. Free.
#10. Light blue nylon halter, horse size. Free.
#11. White cotton foal-sized/mini lead rope. 52″ long. Free.
Section 2: Well priced items!
#12. Stubben stainless steal stirrup irons with black Stubben rubbers. 4.25″ inside measure. $10.
#13. Light pink Davis bell boots, size small. Double velcro closure. $5.
#14. Bates/Wintec Easy Change Gullet. Size Wide. $5.

#15. Nunn Finer Ultra No Slip Pad. 18″ long. $15. CLAIMED
#16. Navy blue polo wraps. New in bag. Professionals Choice Wrangler Twenty X, 5″ wide by 9′ long. $10.
#17. Kimberwick bit, 5″.  $5.
#18. Herrmann stainless steel single jointed eggbutt snaffle, 4.5″.  $5.
#19. Bridoon snaffle bit, loose ring, single jointed, twisted, copper/mixed metal, 5.25″.  $5.

#20. Weymouth curb bit, 4.5″.  $5.

#21. Weymouth curb bit. Says “Made in England. Never Rust,” 4.5″.  $5.

#22. Rare design loose ring full cheek single jointed snaffle. Says “Made in England. Never Rust,” 5″.  $10. CLAIMED.

#23. Saddelseat show and schooling attire, women’s size 12. Navy blue jodhpurs, derby, vest, and daycoats. Details, photos, and measurements available if anyone is interested. 
So there you have it.  I am open to trades – just let me know what you have. Generally speaking I am in the market for happy mouth and mullen mouth bits, figure 8 cavesson, and Back on Track saddle pads. 
Also, I sell *new* medical armbands. Perfect for eventing jumping phases, pony clubbers, and anyone who wants to be safe (especially trail and endurance riders). They are $5 each with free shipping, and I include the USEA medical card printed on colored paper (or white if you prefer) if you’re an eventer. Click here for more info
Thanks again to Amanda for hosting this blog hop! Here’s the other participants:


5 comments on “$900 FB Pony Tack Swap/Sale

  1. So tempted by the bareback pad!


  2. I want the bareback pad and it's Riley's color!


  3. Alrighty its yours then! I'll email you.


  4. I want the fulmer!!! The bit!! I'm facebooking you now.


  5. I always thought those fulmer bits were so cool. i'm sure it'll get put to great use with the sprinklerbandit :)


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