Early Days

Transformations & Happy Things – Double Blog Hop!

I’m doubling up on the blog hops, because they are so fun and awesome!

Transformations by Niamh at Life of Riley  
Happy Things by Lauren at She Moved to Texas


A still from our very first ride!
See the whole 
video here.
the post where I brought Hemie home. 
A still from our dressage test at the derby last month.
See the videos at 
this recap post

Happy Things

“Let’s share things that make us happy! 
 Today, let’s talk about the little nooks & crannies in your house 

that make you smile.”

My knick-knacks generally live in drawers, as I prefer clutter-free surfaces. But of course there’s some exceptions.

This crystal decanter lives on our kitchen counter. We rarely drink the brandy or liqueur we store in it, but it’s beautiful and sophisticated.

This was our wedding cake topper. It has a prominent home in our living room.
I love antique horse art. These prints live in the horsey half of the garage, where I can admire them while cleaning tack and organizing all the poneh shtuff. 

At work, I have a horseshoe business card holder that I purchased at a fundraiser auction to support Debbie Rosen’s trip to compete at Rolex earlier this year. It makes me smile.

At the barn, I have Paola’s painting hanging in my tack cubby. It reminds me that every single ride is a blessing, and that there are people who believe in me and Hemie. Check out her blog: The Aspiring Equestrian.

Thanks to Niamh and Lauren for making these great blog hops to focus on the positive in life!
To join the Transformations blog hop, just link your post to Life of Riley.
To join the Happy Things hop, use the link below:


6 comments on “Transformations & Happy Things – Double Blog Hop!

  1. Love your wedding topper! That's so pretty :) Thanks for participating and don't forget to add your blog link to the hop :)


  2. Hemie has come so far with you! and thanks for sharing your 'happy things' :)


  3. It's so cool you keep my painting in your tack cubby and makes me smile! I enjoyed the post and thank you for posting a link.


  4. This is great, also you should post some really tasty liqueur in that sweet decanter!


  5. Wow the transformation is great!! And I really want a horseshoe business card holder haha


  6. I just wanted to say that I read every post, Sarah, but I am the world's worst commenter! :0) I love your happy stuff, and Hemie has such an improved frame in that second photo! Can you find any jumping photos to share for comparison because I am sure we'd see some great transformation there as well!


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