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AdA Blog Hop: Tack Trunk

A blog hop from Brandy at Auf der Autobahn:  what’s in your tack trunk (or locker, or tack room)?

Our tack room is a shipping container. They are sprinkled throughout the property at the various pipe corral barns. Inside, it’s neatly divided into a number of cubby areas.

I’m able to comfortably store quite a bit of tack and equipment. But since there’s plenty of open cubbies I admit I’ve spread out into the neighboring one for more elbow room.

So here’s what I’ve got!

  1. Impact vest
  2. Cooler
  3. Jump saddle and pads
  4. Dressage saddle and pads
  5. Grooming tote
  6. Plastic tub full of random barn stuff
  7. Air vest (inside white box)
  8. Tack cleaning bucket
  9. First Aid Kit
  10. Bath bucket & 2 spare buckets
  11. Bridle hook with my strap goods

Overall I consider this pretty minimalist. I keep lots of supplies and spare tack at home in a section of half the garage, bringing it to the barn when needed.

*Special note, Brandy rides with the fabulous Lisa Bauman of Austin Eventing, whom I’ve followed for years as she competes her American Saddlebred. Small world yay!

4 comments on “AdA Blog Hop: Tack Trunk

  1. nice set up – very clean and simple! i've been drooling over tack lockers forever… one day i will be allowed to have my own!!


  2. hooray! so happy you jumped on board. your locker seems somehow dust free. i am never dust free.
    come visit us in Area V and see Arvo work his magic!


  3. Oooh! Nice setup! Those shipping containers work pretty well, I wonder if there are any like ones that are all fancy inside. I'm just imagining a new show like “Pimp My Tack Locker”. :D


  4. I love peeking in other's things!


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