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EAH Blog Hop: Keep It Clean

In this week’s blog hop lets talk about what cleaning products you use on your tack and why?

I use Stubben brand saddle soap and their hamanol conditioner. I bought both when I got my Stubben saddle, as it was the biggest horsey purchase I’ve ever made and I wanted to use the recommended care products instead of the cheapo stuff I’d been using before. I think both work great, are easy to use, and smell fine. The saddle soap lasts a long time, but I go through the cream conditioner pretty quick. I plan on getting more of both when needed.

I also bought the Higher Standards Soap when they came out with the Viva Carlos Sweet Lemon scent. I’d heard about HS through the blog-o-sphere and thought I’d buy some eventually, but when they announced this special release in honor of Carlos I snatched it up immediately. I never met Carlos but I’ve been following L at Viva Carlos for years, so I admit it was an emotional purchase. The good kind.

I use white vinegar to clean bits. It does a great job of getting crud off, and Hemie seems to like the taste. I use it to clean lots of barn things, actually. Non-toxic and very effective. Smell isn’t great though.

At home I have Lexol conditioner for cleaning my riding boots, as I was told that it’s the brand recommended by Ariat for boot care. The large jug is annoying and I prefer cream conditioners over liquid, so I’m not sure I’ll buy more when the time comes.

I also have Fiebing’s 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil, and a tiny bit left of their liquid saddle soap. I’ve had both of these for years and I wont be buying any more of the same when I run out. I’ve graduated on to better quality product.

1 comment on “EAH Blog Hop: Keep It Clean

  1. awww thanks, everytime I read someone typing the HS Carlos soap I start tearing up all over again.


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