Early Days

10 More Questions

From Chasing the Dream

1. If your horse was a person, who would they be? (you can generalize personality if you can’t think of someone).  Hemie would be a mellow hippie surfer dude. Fairly athletic, loves the big waves, totally chill and relaxed most of the time, but then every so often will have a bad acid trip and totally lose his $h!t.

2. What is one (or two…or five) piece(s) of equipment you CANNOT live without? Helmet, hoof pick, halter and lead, saddle pad. Everything else I can do without.
3. When did you start riding/ what discipline?  6 years old, saddleseat.

4. Do you have a barn dog? If so, what breed?  Some trainers bring their dogs, but there’s a strict leash rule so they aren’t really barn dogs. We have barn bunnies though. Wild bunnies. 

5. Do you like doing stalls or nah? No thanks. Paid my dues in college when I boarded at a co-op and mucked out every day, pushing a wheelbarrow up a giant hill.
6. What treat(s) does your horse go nuts over?  Hemie doesn’t go nuts over treats. But he makes cute dolphin-noise nickering when I bring him his bucket after rides. 
7. If you’ve switched disciplines, why? If not, also why. I switched to eventing as an adult. It came down to availability, affordability, and the excitement of learning something new.

8. What is your least favorite discipline and why (yeah, I aint afraid to be scandalous)?  Uh, maybe bronc riding? I think strapping an animal’s genitals is torture. 

9. Who is currently your favorite rider?  So many good ones! Hard to pick one, but I’ll go with Deborah Rosen. Solid riding and always with a smile.
10. What is your BIGGEST pet peeve regarding horses? People not taking care of basic health needs of their horses. Sheath cleaning is not optional, people!

1 comment on “10 More Questions

  1. I wholeheartedly agree on number 10, there are a couple of boarders who always leave basic care for waaay too long (hooves, sheath, teeth etc). It kind of breaks my heart :(


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