Early Days

Weekend Update

Friday night Hemie and I went on a bareback hack around the property. I was still recovering from feeling ill so we took it easy and I only rode about 20 minutes, then Hemie got to frolic and roll in the lovely sand round pen while I cleaned his bridle and made his bucket of yumyums.

Hemie loves to visit the goats!

Freshly groomed arena…which we did not ride in.
Saturday Hemie got ridden by T.K. in the 100* heat. He got a good report from his auntie. Meanwhile I spent the first half of the day with my mom for her birthday kayaking in the Channel Islands harbor, then got nauseous and spent the second half of the day in the bathroom and in bed (from a bad sandwich, I think). Just can’t get a break, can I?
A tried and true recovery methodology:
Dog therapy + Jane Austen movies on Netflix.
Sunday I woke up feeling improved, so I headed to the Meadows to watch Laurie show a client’s horse and TK show Levi. Both did very well indeed! I always enjoy hanging out and grooming for friends at shows – I love watching and learning. But of course I’m always a little bit…jealous, I guess. Not quite the right word. I always wish that I was showing too.  I just love showing!
Laurie on Henry

Henry’s first show ever. Just 8 months off the track.
Laurie’s first show since shoulder replacement.
TK on Levi – got a 25 on this dressage test!

And rocked the jumping of course.
After the show, back at the barn, I asked to park the trailer since I need the practice. It took me 5 times longer than it should, but I got ‘er done. 
This week I plan to get back to our normal routine. Working out, riding, lessoning. Revisiting goals and planning out the next few months. 

3 comments on “Weekend Update

  1. Ugh sorry you got sick again! At least you had a good ride and watch your friend and trainer ride. Sounds like fun.


  2. sorry you're feeling crummy – but glad you had fun watching the show (tho i know exactly what you mean about wishing you were showing too)!

    re: parking the trailer – getting it done is all that matters, not how long it takes. if i rush to park quickly, i'm 100% going to majorly screw up and take longer than if i had just been patient in the first place…


  3. I totally know what you mean…whenever I watch a show I'm so happy…but constantly am thinking about ME showing. :) Hope you feel better soon?


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