Early Days

Q3 Review & Q4 Goals

2014 Goals
Q1 Goals
Q1 Review & Q2 Goals
Q2 Review & Q3 Goals

Q3 Horsey Goals:

  1. Focus on Hemie’s enjoyment of flatwork. Some success. We certainly focused on it quite a bit, but overall it’s still not something he is enjoying. Need to continue with this.
  2. Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation. Fairly good success – both with my relaxation and Hemie’s throughout rides. I’d say we have a lot less tension at this point, but still need to continue on this.
  3. Schedule a clinic OR do an XC school at a new location. Success – I’m going to be taking a dressage lesson with Chemaine next week sometime (technically not in Q3 but that’s ok).
Q3 Non-Horsey Goals:
  1. Continue with garage organizing. Great success. It’s all done and organized!
  2. Continue with working out and eating healthfully. Good success – been good about both items, and have even started a new program to help me achieve my goals. 
  3. Review short, medium, and long-term financial goals with hubby. Nope – we’ve talked about finances quite a bit, but never got around to really focusing on goals. More like getting a grip on our present situation and dealing with large emergency expenses (sewer line replacement -_-).

October-November-December/Q4 Goals

  1. XC school at a new venue.
  2. Participate in a clinic or get a lesson from another trainer.
  3. Continue to focus on relaxation and Hemie’s enjoyment of flatwork.
  1. Continue with healthy choices for weight loss.
  2. Get my act together with remembering people’s birthdays. 

2 comments on “Q3 Review & Q4 Goals

  1. I also need to be better at people's birthdays!


  2. ooh exciting about the upcoming dressage lesson – hope all your work in relaxing and trying to make the flatwork more enjoyable pays off :)


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