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RVPC Derby Recap

I had an AWESOME weekend!!
#1. New dog.
#2. Great horse show.
#3. Trailered my pony like a big girl!

Firstly, our newest family member:

Fenrir (Fen) is a border collie mix (with German Shepherd we think). 

Our pack: Levi in the front (terrier/schnauzer), Fen in the middle, Lucy (mini German Shep) in the back. The humans are now outnumbered in our house!

On to the show! The quick recap:

  • We did 2 dressage tests: BN A & B. We had no meltdowns, and I was able to ask for more and more out of Hemie as we went along. I’m proud of both of us for staying cool.
  • We got to XC school before the competition, and had a great time playing around in the field.
  • Our jump round was double clear – Hemie needed me to be supportive for a few jumps, and I’m proud that I was able to immediately respond when needed.
  • We came away with 2 blue ribbons! One for the BN derby, and one for our additional dressage test. I don’t know how many other people were in our divisions – I think between 0 and 2.

The derby was put on by the Riverview Pony Club at El Sueno Equestrian Center where we’ve competed several times before. It was the same format and pricing as the normal El Sueno derbies, but the ponyclubbers brought their own jumps (decorated for Halloween!) and made up the majority of the competitors.

Dressage went well, I’d say. Due to a mix-up with dressage times (er…the lack thereof, actually), I tacked up and warmed up by myself and Laurie showed up just in time to watch my tests.

BN Test A was first. We scored 41.58, which I think was slightly generous.

I’m especially proud of our free walk – all that practice is paying off! “Against hands” is an interesting  repeated comment – I think I may need to be more elastic in my elbows.

We did BN Test B immediately following test A. I was a more proactive rider and we did get a better score of 38.75.

An 8!! For free walk! I’m quite proud of both Hemie and myself for this test.

Next we suited up for jumping and did some schooling out in the field. We did the water and a few logs and jumped over all of the ditches including some pretty deep and wide ones. I did a down bank and felt very comfortable with it – hooray!

The show started and we headed into the warm up arena while the lower divisions went. Luckily Hemie is totally fine being a couch and waiting around.  Finally it was our turn. Here’s the video!

He was a bit sticky in the stadium portion, but I’m proud of myself for riding positive and getting us over everything, even if we were chip-happy doing it. We added 2 jumps to our course – the first ditch (you’ll notice no standards), and the log after the 2nd ditch. They were both on our path so I figured – why go around when you can go over?

Added ditch

Ditch per course

Added log

Love this jump! Over a fallen tree branch with lots of fluffy leaves!

I’m also glad we had no problem doing a jump immediately after the water (the last 2 shows we had issues at the first jump out). As always, we’re going much slower in the video than it feels while riding.

In addition to a great, positive outing, it was my first time hauling the trailer with ponykins inside. Luckily its a very close show (20/25 minutes, all side streets), and TK and her husband graciously escorted me in the morning. I did it solo heading home after the show. I even loaded and unloaded Hemie by myself both times. I am very proud of myself and happy to be able to haul!

All in all, a great weekend!!

Also, be sure to check out the contest at Viva Carlos, and congrats to L on 1,000 posts!!

26 comments on “RVPC Derby Recap

  1. Mini GSD? Never heard of that. Or do you just mean she's small for the breed?

    Congrats! Hauling is a great skill to have!


  2. I'll trade you free walk scores. ;)


  3. Congrats on the satin! :)


  4. Hooray for a good weekend!


  5. Thanks! She looks full GSD but is only 45 lbs so must be some kind of mutt. We jokingly call her She-huahua. ;]


  6. If I can have your total dressage score, deal! =)


  7. Thank you! =)


  8. Thanks and you too! We both had great shows!!


  9. wow nice job – awesome satin AND free walk scores :D and weren't you just saying that you'd hate warming up without your trainer, and look at you go!! congrats!! kudos on the hauling solo & new puppy too


  10. Congrats on a great show (and a new puppy!)


  11. Adorable herd you have. Looks like a great place to show, congrats on having a great outing!


  12. Awesome weekend! I love that you added jumps :) Congrats on the satin!


  13. Looks awesome! Cute pup :)


  14. Solo hauling like a boss! Congrats on a great show!


  15. awesome work! Such a cute dog – my friend has a GSD that had Parvo, and she is really tiny. Maybe thats what happened?


  16. Thank you! Haha, yes that's true about not wanting to show without a trainer to warm up, etc. Oh well, glad I can cope when needed!


  17. Thanks! I'm the only person who added jumps, but the judges didn't object so great!


  18. Thanks! If you can do it, so can I, right?


  19. Never knew about Parvo doing that! We were told she was malnourished as a puppy and impregnated at too young an age (had miscarriage) which screwed up her hormones. But she's a rescue so who knows the full story.


  20. I swear it always feels like you're going SOOO FAST… and then you see the video… but very cute video :)


  21. Congrats on a great show! Love the new pup's name :)


  22. Congrats! Sounds like an awesome outing :D


  23. Awesome, job, Sarah!!!!!! Hauling your own horse is the greatest thrill in the world. Every time I go somewhere I still smile like an idiot and am certain that everyone is staring in envy! :0)


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