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A Trophy for Carly

Regular posts are hereby interrupted for a special shout out to Carly of Poor Woman Showing.

If you haven’t already, check out her blog. It’s one of my absolute favs. She recently shared her reflections on the 2014 show season. A small excerpt:
Overall, this was without a doubt our most successful year ever. Not only that though, it was also the most fun I’ve ever had showing. …


The true success this year?

One hundred percent barefoot and sound for every single show this season with me being his trimmer. Where’s my trophy?

Here it is Carly.

Courtesy of free online graphic software and an hour spent goofing off at work.

My OTTB is also barefoot, and I do touch-up to his hooves in between trimming sessions. So I can personally verify that trimming hooves is HARD work. Especially without all the fancy shmancy equipment that professional farriers have.  I can only do 1 or 2 hooves per session, and I’m covered in sweat by the end. 
And of course, in addition to the actual trimming, there’s the mental anguish over soundness concerns, the leap of faith in trusting yourself as you learn to do it, the research and extra work to deal with fungus and other hoof issues. Seriously, Carly does deserve a trophy for not only being her own farrier, but that she’s done it so successfully in her first year of doing it!

Carly, you are not only a very entertaining blog writer, you have encouraged and inspired me. When you were able to haul by yourself, I knew that I could learn to do it too.  When you were able to deal with Bobby’s shenanigans in good humor and with creative solutions, I realized I could have that attitude and approach too. And when you needed to change your goals and then proceeded to have your best show season, it gives me hope that things turn out great even if they don’t turn out as we’d originally planned.

Happy Friday everyone! And I’m not the only blogger congratulating another blogger today. =)

12 comments on “A Trophy for Carly

  1. Bloggers, some of the coolest people a girl can know!



    Go Carly!


  3. Hahahahaha. Awesome!


  4. I just badged the crap out of this and made it PWS blog official. Love it! Thank you!!!


  5. She deserved this! What fun. :-)


  6. woo!!! so very nice of you – and definitely an awesome, yet easy-to-miss point: bare feet take serious commitment and dedication. great job carly!!


  7. Carly's blog is also one of my favorite blogs, girl is hysterical and there's never a dull moment with Robert around! I think that trophy is lovely, congrats Carly! :)


  8. Shout out to bloggers for being awesome!


  9. It is pretty awesome!


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