Early Days

Lessons and such

To catch up on lessons and practice rides – last week on Wednesday I did a quick ride to practice what I’d learned from the lesson with Chemaine, and overall it was great. Except for one giant buck when I was asking for the canter using seat pressure (I admit I had gotten a little discombobulated). I didn’t fall off and about 10 seconds later I remembered to growl at him. The rest of the ride was quite good, then Hemie got his mane pulled and hooves rasped.

Mom, I prefer you giving me treats to you taking my photo. Thx.

Then Thursday we had our normal dressage lesson but located in the jump ring due to other lessons going on.  Warm up included doing my baseline for 2pointober in a nice forward trot and canter, so Hemie thought we were going to be jumping and kept had a great mentality for the whole ride.

I was extra mindful about where my weight was and I did plenty of inside rein wiggle too. I think it helped tremendously even while doing other exercises because we had some really great work throughout the ride. Lots of compliments from Laurie which is good especially right before the show.

Saturday was so hot, our jump lesson was cut short. But we worked on straightness and rhythm and Hemie was sassy over the smaller jumps and a perfect gentleman for the larger jumps! Silly pony.

Sunday was the the show.

A pic of my horse rolling around. Trust me.
Ugh so dark so early!

On to this week!

Following the 2pointober starting post, I realized that I had likely been touching Hemie’s neck for most of my baseline 2-pointing, so I was nervous if I could still do 3 minutes without! On Wednesday I was determined to do so, and was very mindful of proper positioning thanks to this post from Lauren at She Moved To Texas. I’m happy to report I held it for 3 minutes 51 seconds!

Thursday night we had a dressage lesson, and we worked on me upping the ante with how much I ask from Hemie, and how often, and how quickly. I’ve been focusing on having him relaxed and easing him into work, but Laurie things he’s proven that he can do more if I ask. I had an aha! moment that I can use each leg independently, and each arm independently, and my seat independently, and move my shoulders around, all at the same time. If I need to turn my shoulders left, add right leg, wiggle left rein while having elastic right elbow – I can!

dribbling his feed
neighbor says “thanks! tasty!”

Saturday we have another show – same classes as last weekend. Wish us luck!

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5 comments on “Lessons and such

  1. I'm glad things seem to going well, except for the buck, and good job at staying on. That's a great improvement on your 2 point!


  2. What a friendly dude he is, sharing his food! ;)


  3. Great job on holding your two point that long! I'm hoping to make it well past 2 minutes if I ever make it to the barn again :)


  4. Thanks for the giveaway share! His neighbors must love him at dinner time!


  5. nice rides – funny how just moving into a different ring helped keep his mind engaged lol. anyways – all that about moving each body part independently sounds all well and good – but i am not NEARLY coordinated enough yet lol. good on you!


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