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SMTT Blog Hop: Favorite Noms

Lauren from She Moved To Texas wants to know:

What is your absolute favorite comfort meal? 
 If you want to take a horse spin on things, what’s the best horse show food you’ve ever had?

I love food. Its hard to pick a favorite comfort meal, but I’m going to go with an In-N-Out cheeseburger with grilled onions and animal-style fries. Animal fries are covered in cheese, grilled onions, and “spread” (thousand island dressing). Pure deliciousness.

For the best horse show food I’ve ever had, I need to look way in the past, back to my saddleseat days. All of the eventing derbies and horse trials I’ve been to have been seriously lacking in the food department.  Even the ones that bring in food trucks have been overpriced and disappointing.
But I used to go to Saddlebred saddleseat shows, and a favorite was the California Futurity held at the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona. It was the same weekend as the LA County Fair, so fair food was horse show food! There was lots to chose from, but the best I had was an absolutely epic taco salad. The best part was the deep fried taco shell, smeared with the beans and sour cream and pico de gallo juices. Words are not doing the memory justice, but oh well. I’ll forever have fond memories of adorable Saddlebred yearlings and that epic taco salad.

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6 comments on “SMTT Blog Hop: Favorite Noms

  1. I had a friend try to tell me that 5guys was as good if not better then In N Out, so I finally went and ate there and do NOT agree. In N Out for the win! Though 5guys fries were better


  2. I think Austin's version of In N Out (P Terry's) is way way better, but I'm partial ;) Thanks for playing!


  3. Mm, I love me a good taco salad!


  4. Deep fried taco salad…that sounds like the way to go!!


  5. mmm taco salad… annnnd now i'm hungry, gee thanks ;)


  6. I used to show at LA County Fair too!!!! One year during the nightly fireworks my little 13'2 hunter pony lept out of his stall and went tearing around the grounds in a neon orange sleazy. Mortifying

    Totally agree about their food though :) sadly they tore down the horse facilities this year :(


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