Early Days

Tugger X Ranch XC Schooling

On Saturday we headed over to a local facility for cross country schooling. It was a lovely day and both Hemie and I had a blast. And we have videos yay!

From our first warm-up trot around the field, Hemie felt absolutely electric. He just loves XC and was so happy to be out there.

Our first set of jumps was a rolltop to a hanging log into the water.

Next we went through the water, to an up-bank, over the rolltop, around to a table, then over another log back down into the water.

This next part is where we got into some trouble, with our only refusal of the day at a very bright chevron. After we get over it, we continue onto a rolltop, then back up the hill to a cabin.

Next we worked on some ditches, adding in some jumps.

A few more jumps with the ditches.

We ended the day by working on my bogie: down banks. Hemie has no problem with them, and at this point I’m starting to feel confident about them too.

I was impressed by the number of jumps they had, since their cross country area has been in development for only a year or so. They put in intro jumps just last week!

Overall it was a really fun day. I can’t wait to go back there as there were plenty of jumps we didn’t do. I’m so blessed to have 3 different cross-country schooling facilities within a 20/25 minute drive of the barn!

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14 comments on “Tugger X Ranch XC Schooling

  1. I love how positive your trainer is! You guys are coming so far so fast. Loving it!


  2. what an awesome outing! Hemie looks like he's having so much fun – while simultaneously making it look so easy lol (and trotting some BIG fences!). can he plz call up isabel and tell her that the water is nbd???


  3. You two look great, so chill and relaxed!


  4. Watched a bunch of these on FB last night. Y'all look so great!


  5. You ARE lucky! :0)

    Again, how fun was all of that?! Hemie definitely looks like he digs flying. :0)


  6. =) Me too, and thanks!


  7. Thanks! Yes, I LOVE that he has no problem trotting fences, even biggish ones. Some horses are funny about water and I'm glad Hemie isn't one of them!


  8. Thank you! Ironically I feel safest on Hemie while doing XC, since he takes care of business so well. =)


  9. I truly am. It was such a blast, and Hemie's energy and enthusiasm was contagious. =)


  10. Thank you! It was a blast.


  11. Thank you! =)


  12. That looks like so much fun! I would love to try some cross country but it's not very local to my area, unfortunately…maybe I'll get to do some in the future!


  13. Thanks for the shoutout! And Hemie is such a XC superstar — he just loves it so much!


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