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Let’s Talk Tack: Horsie Dress Up

Courage dressed up as a Budweiser Clydesdale to celebrate the Superbowl
complete with white feathers and bob tail!
Photo (and major creativity) credit to SprinklerBandit 

Hemie dressed up for Racing to Ride‘s Breast Cancer Awareness contest
Love his enthusiasm!

I love pony dress up – whether they’re in costume for Halloween, or decked out to celebrate Christmas, a birthday, a contest entry, or just for fun.  Playing with different tack, colored pads and boots, hair color and hoof polish, are all great ways to rekindle the child-like joy that horses bring to us.

This month I want to know – do you play dress up with your horse?  

Do you play dress up with your horse?

Regularly – multiple times a year!

On Occasion – 1 to 3 times a year.

Rarely to Neve

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I dress up Hemie a few times a year. And I’ll be honest – I dress him up as a princess! Sparkly hooves, sparkly browband, pink pads…he’s a good sport about it all.  I’ve been trying to buy a Santa costume for him each year for the last 3 years but they sell out too quickly!

Last month I asked if you regularly use leg protection on your horse. Here’s the results of the survey:

An interesting mix of responses! Thank you to everyone who voted!

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12 comments on “Let’s Talk Tack: Horsie Dress Up

  1. hm, i've put a santa hat on isabel before for pictures, but other than that haven't really dressed her up.. .maybe i should lol


  2. I'm with you–any chance to play dress up is fine by me!


  3. I have a christmas outfit for Sam. Sometimes I add jingle bells. :)


  4. I love these polls! Keep 'em coming.


  5. At this point in my life, “dressing up” my horse means grooming him and putting his saddle and bridle on. Yeah, I'm boring. ;)


  6. I never dress up my horses, but if I had access to jumper tack (I sold all of mine years ago) they'd totally be getting decked out in the gear. I have a very disturbing infatuation with jumper tack for being a dressage rider.


  7. Ha. As you may have guessed, I dress Courage up ALL THE TIME. It's fun.


  8. I dress my boy up somehow almost every time we ride, whether it's holiday themed or whatever, lol!


  9. Does adding glitter/sparkles for parades count? I do that far too often lol


  10. He'd look so adorable in a Santa hat! Hopefully you can get one this year.


  11. I never really do, but every time I see a bottle of Twinkle Toes in a tack shop I want to buy it so bad!


  12. I'm too lazy to play dress up, haha


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