Early Days

Fire breathing ponykins

I don’t like rain. 
I try to like it, but I just don’t. 
It throws off my riding schedule. It creates ridiculous traffic. Work gets more hectic.
Giant tractor sealing the ring
Hemie has been a hot tamale. Inconsistent exercise does not suit him. We squeezed in a ride last week…there were moments of good work interspersed among the mostly-hot-mess.
When Hemie has sat for a few days, he needs 1 or even 2 days of turnout or longing before he can be safely ridden. Add another ride before you can get quality work out of the session. He simply gets too hot and he has a tendency to channel that hotness into up-ness (rearing). 
Who, me?
On days the arenas are closed I’ve tried hand-walking him. Other horses plod along around the facility, while Hemie does his best fire-breathing-attack-giraffe impression, leaping like a Lipizzaner. I’ve tried taking photos, but it hasn’t worked out (both hands needed on the lead and all that). 
So I’m ready for winter to be over, for the arenas to be open consistently, and for my pony to get his bucks out so we can get back to work!
Can you see my hands in the dark? Yes ma’am!

12 comments on “Fire breathing ponykins

  1. I am SOOOOO grateful that Speedy can go weeks and weeks without consistent work (not that I ever do that). This on again/off again thing has suited him just fine. Izzy on the other hand is in the same club as Hemie. The trainer has already given me a heads up that he needs to be ridden at LEAST four times a week. I just laughed. We do what we can do and then smile through our nine months of pleasant weather. Thank God we don't live in Minnesota. :0)


  2. Amen! We have it so good compared to pretty much everywhere else!!


  3. I guess I didn't realize you guys didn't have an indoor arena. On top of regular traffic I can definitely lament with you on the rain traffic debacle.


  4. love those gloves!!! and yea, i feel your pain re: weather seriously interfering with quality riding time… izzy's a little more consistent now, but we also previously could not accomplish anything after a few days off. it stinks :(


  5. Rain traffic? ROFL. California.


  6. So with you on rain and winter needing to end. OTTBs and multiple days off in a row are a bad combo.


  7. There's only a small handful of facilities with covered arenas in our neck of the woods, and only 1 true indoor that I'm aware of. I wish they at least had a covered round pen or something. The only downside of my facility.


  8. Thanks! Yes, it stinks to stall out with our progress. Hoping we get back on track soon!


  9. Yes. The race ponies need exercise!


  10. Its comical but frightening. A half-inch of rain will lead to multiple major collisions. I think its tailgating + a little bit of slipperiness + people are idiots.


  11. Thank you! So far I like them a lot, and just wish I'd gotten them in the correct size.


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