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Let’s Talk Tack: Merry Christmas to Pony

This month I’m asking about a seasonal shopping habit – do you buy your horse a Christmas present?

Do you usually buy your horse a holiday gift?



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If so, what? If not, why? Please feel free to share in the comments! And thank you very much for voting in the poll!

I do not buy Hemie a holiday present. I usually pick up some supplies with seasonal deals and coupons, and there’s plenty of tack and riding gear on my Christmas wish-list. But I’ve always considered those to be gifts to myself, not to him. To celebrate the holiday with Hemie, usually I’ll just make or buy some cookies, and hope the weather allows us to have an extra hack to relax and be together.

Last month I asked if you play dress up with your horse. Here’s the results of the survey:

Less voting turnout on this poll as compared to others, but the results are that most of us dress up our ponies rarely to never. So thank goodness for shameless ponies such as Bobby from PoorWomanShowing, showing us the proper way to celebrate the Christmas season!
Thanks to everyone who voted!

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9 comments on “Let’s Talk Tack: Merry Christmas to Pony

  1. I never buy Fiction any celebratory presents really, but my mum does. I guess she thinks of him as a grandson haha.


  2. Bobby wins epic dress up contest. I said I get Simon a gift, but it depends on your interpretation of gift. I typically get him a Likit for Christmas, but he also gets those randomly throughout the year. This year his main “presents” are a round of ulcer treatment and a Chiro visit!


  3. I don't buy Suzie any gifts for Christmas – although my mom does.


  4. Carlos always got several gifts every year, one from me, my fam, J's fam etc. Ramone got blankets which I bought used or really cheap, he needed them, it was more of a need then a gift but I think the pony is happy.


  5. Rico gets retired this year so his gift is his new pasture. I normally didn't get him gifts, he's expensive enough throughout the year. Sometimes I would get gifts FOR him though from my parents (like shampoo, braiding stuff, cookies, etc).


  6. I'm not into buying animals gifts in general. I do give extra or special (peppermint) treats when I think about it.


  7. Bloggers really need to get on the dress up wagon. You guys don't know what you're missing out on.


  8. i have a hard time convincing myself that any purchases are *not* for me lol… and isabel doesn't distinguish between fancy pants treats and the candy canes on serious post-holiday discount, so… yea


  9. Speedy gets so much love all year that he doesn't need anything special on Christmas day. One of my students bought me a large bag of See's Peppermint Twists that went straight into my barn bag. I am not sure she intended them to be for Speedy, but he was grateful! :0)


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