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Jet Skis and Family

Inspired by a recent post at She Moved To Texas, allow me to share a funny story also involving jet skis.

I was at a family reunion some years back, on the coast of Georgia. We had rented some boats for water-skiing and hanging out. When it was my turn to try the water-skiing, it was a major fail.

I could not get out of the water. After numerous attempts which included a number of belly flops and other awkward, painful flailing maneuvers, my turn was over so others could have a chance.  I was very embarrassed and disappointed. I had been really looking forward to water skiing, and I was exhausted and emotionally let down by the whole experience.

Enter a wonderful older cousin, who asked if I wanted to go jet-skiing with him. I’d never been jet-skiing before, so I said I’d be interested if we could go doubles and have him drive. We got out on the water and he was careful to go slow at first and make sure I was okay. After a few minutes of cruising, I told him he could go faster. He hit the gas and we zoomed around. I felt safe and secure, even when we made some hairpin turns and were catching air!  It was exhilarating!

Later that evening, the whole family gathered for dinner and conversation. Each person shared a little bit about their day. When it was my older cousin’s turn, he said he had a great day with the exception of the 2 bruises he’d gotten on his hips…

…from me holding onto him with my crazy horseriding thighs of doom.

Cue most awkward silence ever and my eyes bugging out of my head in shock and embarrassment.

He laughed off the silence, saying at least he didn’t have to worry that I’d fallen off the back like some of the other cousins. Meanwhile  I secretly vowed never to ride doubles anything ever again.

2 comments on “Jet Skis and Family

  1. Jet skis are just death. I also couldn't get up the one time that I tried to water ski and have decided that water sports are just not really my thing.


  2. aww, but still – exhilarating is exhilarating! (and yea, i never made it out of the water skiing either … whomp whomp)


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