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Q4 & Annual Goals Review

2014 Goals
Q1 Goals
Q1 Review & Q2 Goals
Q2 Review & Q3 Goals
Q3 Review & Q4 Goals

 October-November-December/Q4 2014 Goals Review


  1. XC school at a new venue. – Done! We went to Tugger X ranch (recap and video here).
  2. Participate in a clinic or get a lesson from another trainer. – Didn’t happen.
  3. Continue to focus on relaxation and Hemie’s enjoyment of flatwork. – Yes! It’s been a high priority.
  1. Continue with healthy choices for weight loss. – Yes! I’ve been losing weight even with the holiday celebrations so far. I’ll post about how I’m doing it sometime.
  2. Get my act together with remembering people’s birthdays. – Meh…mostly fail. I’ve been good about checking FB regularly and sending birthday wishes online though.

This was my first year doing quarterly goals and reviews, and I’m still considering whether I’ll continue in 2015.

2014 Annual Goals Review

This year I had many more goals than in the past several years. I like to have a balance of goals that are action-based and results-based (so that I can check things off the list even if we don’t get the results I’d like) and this year that proved to be a smart strategy.

Horsey goals
XC school at 2 new venues – Done! We schooled at Galway Downs in January and Tugger X in November.

Show at 2 new venues – Done! We competed at Galway Downs February and White Birch in March.

Participate in 4 clinics and/or lessons with other trainers – Mostly done! I did 3 instead of 4: clinic’d with Hawley Bennett-Awad in January, Dr. Christian Schacht in February, Chemaine Hurtado in October.
Galway XC Clinic Jan 2014 with Hawley Bennett-Awad

Improve our dressage scores from 2013 – Done! Not a huge improvement, and there’s the eternal debate of schooling show scoring vs rated show scoring…but at the end of the day I think we have a better time in the sandbox now.  

Become 100% solid at Beginner Novice – Not done. I’ve come to realize that I wont feel 100% solid at BN until we’ve gotten through at least 1 or 2 (maybe more) registered HTs where I feel very positive in our performance and we finish at least half-way in the division.

Set and review specific goals each quarter – Done! It was helpful in some ways, needs improvement in others. 

Other Goals
I’m happy to report that I achieved my blogging goals, which included having more photos/art/visual interest in posts, regular design updates (header, etc), overall streamlining and beautification, and pretty consistent posting. 

I also did okay with my personal goals. Horsey budget & expense tracking was better this year than past years, but wasn’t detailed or consistent enough. I am most of the way to my weight loss goal, so that is good. The garage got organized, and all moving boxes finally unpacked (from moving in 2 years ago!). Remembering birthdays was hit and miss throughout the year.

All in all I’m proud to have accomplished most of what I set out to do in 2014, and look forward to setting out some new goals for next year!

5 comments on “Q4 & Annual Goals Review

  1. Sounds like you had a great year!! I hope 2015 is even better! Happy New Year!


  2. You did a great job with Hemie this year!


  3. awesome job! Best of luck in this New Year!


  4. Great job, Sarah. :0)


  5. nice job in 2014! i love so many of your goals – and like the idea of splitting them between action and results based goals… might adopt that idea too… good luck in 2015!


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